Safari Planning

Whether this is your first safari or you are a returning guest each day on safari offers a unique and memorable experience.

Safari Clothing

To properly prepare for your safari we offer the following suggestions:

=> A useful piece of clothing is a multi-pocket safari vest (sometimes called a photographer’s vest). The vest has a hidden zipper pocket to carry cash, pockets with Velcro fasteners, pockets within pockets; D rings to attach straps to the vest; mesh pockets.
=> With sunscreen, lip balm bandannas, lenses, sun glasses, etc it’s nice to have all these items within reach as the needs demand.
=> Natural fiber clothing, like breathable cottons or breathable synthetics are most comfortable in Africa.
=> Wear long sleeve shirts and long pants from dusk to dawn when biting insects appear.

Additional Pack Items

  • Camera memory cards – The novice explorer took 10 Gigs of videos and photographs.
  • Batteries – Camera and other electronic products.
  • Large ziplock bags to keep electronics free of moisture and dust, and other uses.
  • Flashlight – small, to illuminate the pathway back and forth to the dining hall, and to provide room light in the middle of the night.
  • Anti-bacterial Wipes and Hand Sanitizer – clean, running water may not always be available.
  • Maximum strength insect repellent with Deet. Some prefer a sun screen insect repellent combination.
  • Prescription anti-malaria medication – Carry this and other prescribed medications with you while in transit.
  • Over the counter aspirin, pain relievers, multi-vitamins, aloe vera gel for sunburn, anti-itch bug bite lotion, toiletries, personal first aid kit.
  • Hard candies/Throat lozenges – Lubricate the throat from dust caused dryness.

East Africa Safari

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